ΜΑΚΑΒΡΙΟΣ ΣΙΩΝΙΣΤΙΚΟΣ ΝΑΖΙΣΤΙΚΟΣ ΤΟΥΡΙΣΜΟΣ  — Macabre form of tourism.. From the hill tops Israelis follow the bombardment of Gaza, while enjoying soft drinks and snacks

  — Keren Levy (Real Estate agent):

  — They Chose Hamas to rule them, it’s their fault, they got it to where it is now

  — Don’t you think it gets worse bombing them?

  — No I think that is the only solution, I think they should just clear off all the city, just take it off the ground.

  — Yes I’m a little bit fascist.

  — Danish TV2 January 09 2009

The Palestinian Israeli conflict in the Danish media as seen by a nationalist

Ναζιστικά σιωνιστικά γουρούνια… Gaza war tourism – Keren Levy: I’m a little bit fascist

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